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The Indoor Air Quality Star Rating™ Standard


AirZones– The Indoor Air Quality Star Rating Standard

1. Real Time Data

AirZones makes the invisible visible

We take complex data and transform it into an easy to understand independent star rating.

2. The AirZones Platform

All your building and air quality data in one place.

Benchmark buildings, know where to start and what to do.

3. Monthly Impact Reports

All your data converted into an easy to understand ESG focused report.

Demonstrate the need for action, the effectiveness of solutions and the impact of changes.

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Our Offerings

Software Subscription

  • Real-Time Star Rating for all zones
  • Web based Dashboard benchmarking zones/buildings in real-time
  • Branded Public Displays proving the spaces are healthy for occupants
  • Monthly Impact Reports show changes, impact and recommendations

Turnkey Hardware + Software subscription


  • All benefits of the AirZones software subscription plus Indoor Air Quality Monitors

Confidence in the safety and cleanliness of venues is the top priority for customers.

Polluted indoor air is the number one factor in venue safety and cleanliness.

We ensure your venue has safe, clean and healthy air, then we prove this to your customers.

Clean air is now financially viable

We make the invisible, visible, for the benefit of everyone

Without knowing what’s in your air, improvements are guesswork – so is the return on investment.

The effects of purifiers and filters can be invisible – so how do you prove the benefits to customers?

Without clarity of financial returns, investment is often withheld, so the air remains polluted.

We founded AirZones

to address this and make clean air commercially viable. By independently proving your air is safe, you attract more customers – and we all breathe healthier air…

The Star Rating is a proven, simple way to communicate quality, so why complicate things?


is the world’s first Indoor Air Quality Star Rating standard. We make it simple for everyone to understand which venues have clean and safe air to breathe.

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Air Quality Star Rating now

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