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The Indoor Air Quality Star Rating™ Standard

About Us

We’re on a mission, to save lives…

By making clean & safe indoor air a reality for all of us, and our children.

Clean air, it’s in our genes…

Friends since primary school, having grown up in the English Lake District, with clean, healthy air taken for granted, now with no idea what we’re breathing…

Like many, COVID changed our world and as we looked for more answers we found more questions.

Where is safe to visit? What is the impact on our children of going to places? Where should we exercise? Where should we live? What products should we use? Who should we trust? Should we be inside or out?

We founded AirZones

to answer the questions…

With you (and all of us) in mind

Frustrated that there was way of knowing the difference in air quality between venues in Dubai, we founded AirZonesto address this.

Knowing which venues are safe for us and our families is key to choosing where we visit, eat and sleep, yet no one could prove they had clean air.

Helping business improve air quality and independently verifying this resulted in them attracting more customers – clean air is finally a commercial advantage! Now we help everyone breath clean air!

Who is AirZones ?

AirZoneswas founded by scientists, business leaders and engineers, by parents,
athletes, friends and colleagues… by people who are frustrated of the lack of traction
for clean air.
Bringing together people from all backgrounds translates AirZones/our holistic and
sustainable approach, which not only considers the science, environmental and
engineering viewpoints, but also commercial needs as well.
The result is a team that delivers a commercial clean air solutions to unlock the market.
With air quality assessment and mitigation services, safe air is now commercially
available, AirZonesmain objective remains to reduce illness and ultimately save lives
in a world where all parties are winners!

Abbas Baalbaki

Abbas Baalbaki

Environmental Science

Abbas has over nine years of hands-on experience in laboratory management and environmental monitoring. Abbas also has a great passion for sustainable humanitarian development and planet earth and leads several volunteer projects.

BSC Life & Earth Sciences

MSC Environmental Technology

Chris Leighton

Chris Leighton

Commercial Operations

Chris has worked in the property and construction sectors for over eighteen years, leading international teams and business divisions with >$200M budgets, as well as proptech startups. Chris is also a father of two, a keen cyclist and novice ultramarathon runner.

BEng Mechanical Engineering


Thomas Day

Thomas Day

Clients and Business Development

Tom has led teams specialising in the design, manufacture and implementation of environmental solutions into the property and construction sectors. Tom has also competed on a global level in dragon boating and has been selected to represent his country.

BSC Estate Surveying


Alessandra Fonseca

Alessandra Fonseca

Data & Analytics

Alessandra has led government projects focusing on the health impacts of diet and indoor environments and has over ten years commercial experience across hospitality, travel, tourism sectors. Alessandra also loves dance, running and is a mother of two.

BSC Nutritional Science


Ananda Shakespeare

Ananda Shakespeare

PR & Comms

Ananda is a corporate member of the Middle East PR Association (MEPRA) where she sits on the Strategy Board and has corporate membership with the PRCA (Public Relations & Communications Association) of the UK and UAE and the Middle East and The Marketing Society. 

Magazine Editor &  Journalist

PR Professional

The Star Rating is a proven, simple way to communicate quality, so why complicate things?


is the world’s first Indoor Air Quality Star Rating standard. We make it simple for everyone to understand which venues have clean and safe air to breathe.

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