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The Indoor Air Quality Star Rating™ Standard

Our Approach

The AirZonesApproach

Simplicity is the key.

We do the complicated stuff (environmental chemistry meets human biology) and communicate indoor air quality in a simple star rating that everyone understands. This then drives customer buying behaviour.

1. Air Analysis

Using the latest sensor technology we analysis your air quality for 1 month, recording over 2 million data points.

2. Improve Air Quality

We identify pollutants and potential sources of air pollution, we then work with you improve your air quality.

3. Air Quality Star Rating

We publish your Air Quality Star Rating to customers, driving more visits and sales. Everyone breathes safer and healthier air.

The Star Rating is a proven, simple way to communicate quality, so why complicate things?


is the world’s first Indoor Air Quality Star Rating standard. We make it simple for everyone to understand which venues have clean and safe air to breathe.

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